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Spotlight on

Ashes and Dreams

Ashes And DreamsLisa Saunders and Liv Mircea may be separated by an ocean, but that isn't stopping the determined duo from making big waves in the chill out / lounge genre with their downtempo musical project, Ashes and Dreams. Lisa lives in Winnipeg, Canada while Liv lives in Weston-Super-Mare, UK.

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Pat Braden

Pat BradenPat began playing the Bass in high school bands, local bars, community theatre and choral productions in the late 1970s and went on to study String Bass at Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton into the mid 1980s.

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The Spirit Sings

The Spirit SingsThe Spirit Sings is based on the Western Canadian music history. A colorful spectacle. A story of the Canadian Métis told with integrity. The Métis is a unique population with its own language and culture and is a mixture of Aboriginal, Scots-Irish and French blood.

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boringBLOG. Do you, like me, hate it when you go to a restaurant for a good meal and the tablecloth is dirty, wet raincoats hanging over the seats and you can not separate the waiter from the dishwasher guy? But you pay for this meal. You just go to a restaurant for a good meal in a clean and hospitable environment. You just want a good meal and great service for your money!

Like like likeJust as in ordinary life, the music business is all about the contacts you have and the people you know. Now, you have recorded and produced a wonderful album and your are proud, but if no one hears or sees it the production will hardly reach a larger scale. We know you are no business people and rather busy with creating new stuff but do spend some time on Social Media.

Tour doc Myrol lithuania 2011In 2011, the group Myrol was followed by a video crew during their trip to Lithuania. For the second time they had been invited as one of the headliners at the biggest Country festival in the Baltic's. The documentary gives an impression of their trip to the festival with a glimpse of their actions before and during the live show with an audience of ten thousand people.

Rock bandAre you planning to tour in Europe next year? Festivals start planning right after the summer and will make their finale decision at the end of the year. Many may not know this but live music venues are booking about two years ahead and theatre venues book between August and November to fill their programs for the next theatre season next year September to May.

Shop TodayIn our webshop you will find a fine selection of CD productions of Canadian Artists that we represent who frequently are on tour in Europe. If you have not grabbed the last CD's you can buy them here.

Businessmen Shaking HandsFestivals, Music Clubs and Theaters are great places where musical talent gets a chance to get in touch with their fans and are the perfect opportunity to surprise new fans, to dazzle and to win them over. But where do you find the right talent for such an event? Are the artists reliable and original? How do you choose from the wide range of possibilities and do the conditions fit well to your questions, budget  and needs?

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